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Stat Trucking, Inc. and Odyssey Transportation, Inc. are subsidiaries of Calresco, Inc. founded in 1987.  Our family of companies has thrived through generations offering transportation services as contract haulers. We contract with the nation's leaders in product movement. We strive to share the road with our customers, drivers, and society to provide reliable, safe service and a positive work environment. Please enjoy this driver portal for your updates and company news. We appreciate your service. 

Our promise to drivers is the same for our customers, you can rely on us!

Our Mission

Driver Home Time

Weekly home time is a must, but sometimes an occasion will occur off schedule. Our family of drivers work together to help each other around life's important occasions that should not be missed. 

Happy Dad

Bring Home More

Make the most of your time running as a team driver. Team drivers bring home more, are less stressed, and enjoy benefits that only being a part of a team can provide. Solo runs may be available in the near future. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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